Lithotech® is a high-performance sintered stone that is produced using highly advanced ultra-compaction techniques, followed by heat treatment at high temperatures, to produce surfaces that are highly resistant and provide optimum functionality. This technological process allows the perfect material to be produced in a short period of time, while achieving the same thing naturally would take years.

Lithotech® sintered stone goes through a high pressure pressing process and comes into contact with temperatures above 1200º.


The ultracompaction achieved by the cooking process, results in a surface with low porosity and high resistance.

The sintering process uses all the beneficial qualities of the natural raw material to provide solutions that are practical and aesthetically pleasing, while also meeting the highest expectations in architecture and design. The synergy between the consistency and elegant colour of Lithotech® gives rise to a surface that is unbeatable when it comes to hygiene, resistance and durability.







Corelith ®

Lithotech® is a high-performance sintered stone that has been developed using innovative Corelith® technology.

This technology allows us to design the core of the slab, from the customised selection of each of its components, combined in different proportions, colours and gradings.

The design of the core is a fundamental part of the surface appearance of the slab, allowing it to be seen as one whole piece and achieving flawless consistency between the surface, interior and edges.

This dramatically increases the potential for producing worktops and decorative surfaces with visible edges.

3D·Fit ®

Our collections with 3D·Fit® textures involve an innovative technique of graphical 3D digital printing. This process allows the image and the textures of the sintered stone to work together perfectly, so that, along with the core designed using CoreLith technology, it creates a surface with a much more realistic appearance and provides each piece with a unique and special character. 

With materials like wood or stone, this effect could only be achieved if the texture and graphics were intrinsically linked. Now, as a result of our RDI, 3D·Fit® can be applied to Lithotech® sintered stone. The highest level of definition to make each surface appear much more realistic.